Our Stone

Fox Marble PLC is a London-based quarrying, stone processing and dimension stone marketing company quoted on the London Stock Exchange (AIM). It owns quarries in Kosovo and Macedonia and a stone processing factory in Kosovo. Fox Marble's exclusive and competitively priced range of high quality marble and limestone is available now. Click here to contact our sales team or scroll down to browse our products.

Fox Marble's white stone production comes from quarries in Macedonia and Kosovo and we also process and sell one white marble for a partner. Fox Marble's own output is available in a range of variants which can be seen by clicking on the images above.

Our grey marbles come from two quarries in the Rahovec/Malishevë area of central Kosovo. They range from the warm tones of Flora to the sliver grey of Illirico Selene. Colour and pattern variation can be seen by clicking on the images above. 

Fox Marble's colour collection marbles come from the Rahovec/Malishevë area of central Kosovo and from Syriganë in northern Kosovo. The Breccias, from different sides of the same quarry include unusually striking colouration. For an indication of pattern and colour variety, click the images above.